The Future of Online Video: Yahoo?

Over the past few years, streaming video (or over-the-top) has been a major focus for several companies but there is one name in particular that hasn’t really made many headlines and that’s Yahoo. Recently, they’ve been on an acquisition tear in the online video space with a vision to clearly secure a position as a

GroupFlix & Netflix : A Tale of Two Windows

A question we always get is “how does GroupFlix compare to Netflix and how will it compete”?  To that, we can safely say that no one is viable to competitor to Netflix in the media window that they dominate (SVOD, or streaming video on-demand).  However, GroupFlix will offer shows 24 hours after they air on

GroupFlix Founder Speaking at the OTT Executive Summit

We’re excited to share that we’ve been invited to the OTT Executive Summit this April.  It is our teams goal to make our platform and our community visible.  We want to ensure that when we build our groups, all the publishers are aware of your demand. Download Release : The Founder of GroupFlix Announced

Our Spring Beta Wait List is Ready!

We’re excited to announce that we have built the relationships with the studios we need to broaden our library and open for beta users this Spring. The wait list has 1000 early access passes available, and we will take up to 10,000 people thereafter. Visit to get yours today.

GroupFlix Releases an Over-The-Top Outlook: Going Beyond the Cable Box

In 2013, over 60% of the US population watched video online through an Over-The-Top (OTT) service such as iTunes, Netflix, or Hulu. The OTT landscape continues to evolve rapidly, with increased competition among incumbents and new players and platforms entering the space. To help track the fastest growing market in media, GroupFlix is releasing their

GroupFlix Report : The Digital Transition, 2013

Every year we will be doing a research report where we reach out to our community and members of other services to present a holistic view of the TV industry as it relates to streaming video.  We also leverage data generated by well known research factions as well, making this almost like a “cliff notes”

People Love Chromecast, So Does GroupFlix

original source : There are so many devices out there today that aim to bring streaming video to your living room TV, but none of them are as elegant, or as low cost, as the Chromecast.  It’s been reported that 1/3 of early Chomecast buyer use the device daily.  It’s just simple. Open an

FACT SHEET : Senator Rockefeller’s “Consumer Choice in Online Video Act” of 2013

Just today, Jay Rockefeller presented the Consumer Choice in Online Video Act, which could be a big help for a la carte TV services like GroupFlix.  By making content contracts less exclusive to cable companies, online video services could now have a better chance to secure the content their users want.  This makes the landscape

Compliment Your Video Services with GroupFlix

Recently we’ve seen articles about GroupFlix saying “a new Netflix competitor”, “long shot startup against Netflix”, and while we welcome the excitement it generates, we want people know that we see ourselves as an additional service.  (articles :  , Just imagine, you’re binge’ing The Walking Dead on Netflix.  You had never seen it before,